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Processing time : 30 Validity : 180 days
Stay period : 90 days Entry : Single Entry
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Must have document for USA visa

    Dear sir,

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    Please find below requirements for US Tourist /Visit Visa:

    • Passport with validity of more than six months along with old passport
    • DS 160 visa form duly filled by applicant. (we will fill the DS160 form on applicant behalf)
    • Two Recent, colour photograph (size 50mm by 50mm) with white background.(Photograph will require below 14 year of child and above 80 year old )
    • Covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy Of United States Of America from the applicant on company letterhead stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit from parent as well as from applicant
    • Passport copy and valid visa copy of Parents with NOC letter
    • NOC letter from employer if visiting on tourism purpose AND working
    • Tour Confirmation if any, if visiting on tourism purpose
    • Hotel Confirmation if any if visiting on tourism purpose
    • Original Bank Statement for the last 6 months with good balance of applicant
    • Income Tax paper for the last 3 years of parents applicant
    • Salary slip last 6 month of applicant
    • School ID of child from school and leave sanction detail
    • Spouse name Should be on both passport otherwise require marriage certificate as well as marriage photograph if married
    • Sponsor ship from US if person sponsoring (attached sample of sponsor) in original along with passport copy and valid visa copy or citizenship proof with financial status and stay proof from the invitee .
    • Visa fee will be online at the time of submission of visa form and charges will be @(160$)  as per  actual current rate of exchange and transaction charges applicable.

    • Processing time 10 to 25 working days after submission of visa in US Embassy which depends on visa approval


    If Self-Employed/ Business: - 
    a.) Brief Company Profile. 
    b.) Proof of ownership (Proof of Proprietorship, Partnership Deed, Articles of Association) 
    c.) Original Bank Statement of the Company for the last 6 months. 
    d.) Income Tax Papers of the Company. 
    e.) Balance Sheet of the Company.

    If Employed: - 

    a.) Copy of Appointment letter. 
    b.) Salary Certificate. 
    c.) Leave certificate from the Employer.

    For Students: - 

    a.) Leave Sanction 
    I/D card copy. 
    b.) Proof of Fixed Deposits/ Investments/ Property Papers - If any. 
    c.) Vehicle Registrations.

     Procedure :-

    - Log onto the website  

    - Complete the DS-160 carefully as the Id created once for the passport will neither be cancelled nor refreshed. Any correction or modification will be done only by US travel coordinator / helpline STRICTLY VIA EMAIL.

    - After completion of DS-160 online form.

    - Create your profile (login id and password).

    - Then on the home page after logging in , on your Left Side top click NEW APPLICATION / SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT and follow the steps showing.

    - On Step No.8, it will show for payments details and will ask for the Receipt No., There is another link As Click For All Payment Options.

    - Choose Payment Over the counter and Click logo of AXIS BANK / CITIBANK (Preferably AXIS BANK or whichever is in vicinity of your office).

    - You will get a CGI Reference Sheet with CGI No. (12 digit code) and the amount to be deposited in Chosen Bank.

    - Send CGI sheet, Passport Copies of First and the Last Page, Observation/Correction Page, (if-any) and DS-160 Confirmation Page via email to Silver Sky or applicant can carry these documents directly to bank and deposit the said Fee ELSE [The above step can be performed at our end provided the applicant sends above stated documents to Silver Sky via email ].

    - The Bank, against this CGI No. will issue a BANK REFERENCE NUMBER which will be used to schedule Appointment which will be updated to the profile automatically by the Bank Server within 4-6 hours.

    - Applicant to schedule appointment again through the above stated website. The applicant shall be issued 2 appointment dates(One for submission of Documents with BIOMETRICS and second will be for interview). In case the applicant has got the interview waiver then he/she needs to take only one appointment i.e. for Biometrics and submission of documents).


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