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Processing time : 5 Validity : 180 days
Stay period : 90 days Entry : Single Entry
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Must have document for Taiwan visa

    Dear Sir/Mam,


                   BUSINESS Visa Requirements for TAIWAN (DELHI)


    Original Valid passport with at least 6 month validity from the date of travel along with all old passports.
    Electronic Visa Form to be online by applicant using website https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw. After Onlining the Electronic Visa Application form a BAR CODE Receipt shall be generated which is to be printed and sent to us along with printouts of Electronic Visa Forms and supporting documents.
    2 Photograph (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) (Passport Size35mm x 45mm, coloured photo upto shoulder level with white background taken within 6 months, with 60% face covered in it. First Photo should be pasted and Second Photo should be clipped, Photograph (Fresh ones i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) stapled on form will not be accepted).

    Covering Letter:-

     (Separate for each applicant), addressed to The Visa Officer, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center , New Delhi mentioning Designation from company seal and stamped and travel dates..
    Photocopy of the 1st, 2nd and last page of the passport is mandatory.
    Invitation Letter from Taiwan. (Mentioning travel dates, Sponsor Name and Designation ) with manual signatures (not digital signatures OR signatures in the form of Stamp).
    Scanned copy of ROC CARD and the ROC CARD NUMBER in case the Authorised Signatory on the invitation is a Taiwanese OR Scanned copy of ARC CARD and the ARC CARD NUMBER in case the Authorised Signatory on the invitation is an Indian ( If asked by the embassy).
    Company Registration Certificate with seal and Signature of Company Registrar/ Import Export Licence Copy / Industrial Licence Copy / Chambers Letter.
    Travel Itinerary (ticket) . Dates on the ticket should match with the cover letter, form and invitation letter etc.
    Stay Itinerary (hotel).
    Only if asked by the Embassy[Highest Degree /Certificate or any Technical Diploma/Certificate scan copy.]
    Copy of last 3 months Salary Slip with Company seal, name, signatures and designation of Signing Authority.
    Original Bank Statement personal and company , bank statement of the employee should be of the salary account only, statement is required for last 3 months with Bank Seal and Signatures of the authorizing Signatory and till date.
    Last one year`s Company Income Tax Returns as well as Personal Income Tax Returns should be DIGITALLY SIGNED (with barcode only).
    • If ITR is not there, then Form 16 is required with RIGHT/TICK MARK. Form 16 with QUESTION MARK will not be accepted at all.
    • Annual report if company is not able to share financial documents
    • Old passport


    1.Consular Section may ask for any additional document or existing document to be produced in ORIGINAL after submission, which we will inform you if asked. 
    2. Consular Section very particular about SIGNATURE of the applicant and rejects the visa is there is any mismatch of signatures on visa form, passport and supporting documents. 
    3.Hence, please ensure that the applicant`s signatures are same on the visa form 
    all supporting documents as on passport
    Visa processing time..
    NORMAL(3 days)

    General Requirement
    For Applicants having Valid USA/UK/Australia/Canada/Newzealand/Japan/Shengen visas, Taiwan visas can be applied online by us. For that you are required to send the Passport copy, email ID and Mobile number of the pax.

    Processing Time
    Normal – 3-4 days
    Urgent – 2 days

    Special Instructions
    1. If invitee is an Indian Passport Holder, then Invitees Passport Copy is required. 
    2. If old Passport number is endorsed on the new passport then applicant is required to send his old ppt also.

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